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ESP's Combination Bentonite Quick Seal Sleeve & Expanding Foam Bridge threads above the Prepacked Well Screen to provide fast, low permeability annular seal below the water table. The use of the Prepacked Well Screens, Combination Bentonite Quick Seal Sleeves and Expanding Foam Bridges can make well installations go smoother. These wells also take the guesswork out of gravel pack and annular seal placement, which can be a problem when working with heaving sands or with limited annular space such as with Direct Push Installations.
The Bentonite Quick Seal Sleeve is comprised of a PVC abrasion shield; polyethylene sediment trap; paper sleeve filled with silica sand, granular bentonite, & accelerator; on flush threaded schedule 40 PVC pipe. The Expanding Foam Bridge is a compressible foam seal, wrapped in a polyethylene sleeve, it expands instantly when it exits the bottom of the Direct Push casing, to provide positive placement of a temporary barrier that prevents grout intrusion into the screen interval.


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