Nylaflow®, Nylon Tubing is a high-quality pressure tubing, available in several formations; Type T or Thin Wall and Type H or Heavy Wall are the most common and the only two stocked by ESP in select sizes. The High performance of this Nylon tubing makes it perfect for applications that require durability, resilience, a small bend radius, and high burst strength. Nylaflow offers a long-lasting alternative and superior burst strength compared to vinyl, ethylene, and urethane tubing. Its high burst rating makes it a common solution pneumatic and hydraulic lines. Nylon has excellent chemical resistance and can withstand exposure to relatively high concentrations of harsh chemicals at elevated temperatures. Its extremely smooth inner surface resists abrasion and wear and makes for a low coefficient of friction.

Both Types, T and H, are a general purpose tubing made from type 6/6 nylon. These types offer the highest strength and are FDA compliant and meet 3A sanitary standards for use in food or beverage handling applications.

Nylon tubing can be cut with a sharp knife and flared hot or cold. They are odorless, tasteless, and non-corrosive.

Typical applications include airlines, grease lines, vacuum lines, and hydraulic lines.

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Nylaflow, Nylon Tubing .19 ID x 1/4 OD
Price: $0.25
Available in 100', 500' Lengths
(Price based on 500' Length)
Nylaflow, Nylon Tubing .19 ID x 1/4 OD
Price: $0.20
Available in 100', 500' Lengths
(Price based on 500' Length)
Nylaflow, Nylon Tubing .078 ID x 1/8 OD
Price: $0.11
Available in 100', 1500' Lengths
(Price based on 1500' Length)
Tubing Cutter
Price: $13.95
Cuts Tubing up to 5/8" OD
RIDGID Scissor-Style Pipe Tubing Cutter
Price: $30.95
Cut Tubing & Pipe up to 1-1/2" OD

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