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1994 F-250 & Geoprobe 5400

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 5400 Year: 1994 Hours: 2829
Additional Info: Installed new hammer at 2671 hours hydraulic service at 2708 Maintenance per Geoprobe - records available Will sell with or without tooling

Truck Make: Ford
Model: F250
Year: 1994 Mileage: 136,016
Additional Info: 5.8L V-8 Gas Engine, 4WD
new tires at 118,973 miles
Maintenance by Ford - records available

Asking Price: $ 27,500 with Tools
Contact Name: Bryan Kinzer
Location City: St. Charles State: IL
Phone Number: (513) 702-7298




6620DT Geoprobe

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 6620 Year: 2005 Hours: 4100
Additional Info: 27k Rebuild by Rig Source in 2016 incl. 10k Drop Hammer. Runs daily - will trade on a larger coring rig

Asking Price: $ 42,000
Contact Name: Dean
Location City: Toronto State: Ontario CANADA
Phone Number: (905) 979-5455




Geoprobe 5400

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 5400 Year:1994 Hours: 2783
Additional Info:

Truck Make: Ford
Model: F250 4x4
Year: 1994 Mileage:
Additional Info:Currently registered Non-Op.

Asking Price: $ 15,000
Contact Name: William Hinton
Location City: Signal Hill State:CA
Phone Number: (562) 988-2849


Geoprobe 5410 For Sale

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 5410 Year: 2002 Hours: 2323
Additional Info:2323 Hours on rig. Rig runs great.  Bought direct from Geoprobe in 2003.  1 Owner.  Ready to work.  Comes with 1.25 inch rods/Macrocore Sampler and 2.25 inch Dual Tube Setup.  Rig has built-in Inverter.  50 Gallon Water tank.  Tool Rack.  Bought another 5410 and need to sell this one.  Tons of photos that document condition and rig upon request.

Truck Make: Ford
Model: F350 SRW
Year: 2002 Mileage: 244,656
Additional Info: 2002 F350 SRW SuperCab with a 7.3 Liter Powerstroke.  Motor is flawless.  Drilled and Slotted Rotors up Front.  No problems.  Good brakes and Tires.  Tons of photos upon request.

Asking Price: $ 36,500
Contact Name: Jim Cole
Location City: Decatur State: GA
Phone Number: (404) 296-1735


Simco 2400 SK-1 Auger Rig

Probe Make: Simco
Model: 2400 SK-1 Year: 1991 Hours: 96.1
Additional Info: 1991 Simco SK-1 HSA Drill Rig (SN: 891204), New (2011) Deutz Diesel 3 HP Air Cooled Engine with 96.1 hours, Extended Mast, 74” Stroke, In/Out Slide Base, Manual Off-hole Tophead, Cathead, 18,000 lbs Winch, Mounted on Simco 3600 single axle trailer (VIN #1S9DS0910J1236173) with Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Tool Box, New Tires, 55 feet AW Rod, 47 feet 3-1/4” ID three Key Hollow Stem Auger, Two Cutting Heads, 32 Feet 6-1/4” ID Hollow Stem Auger with Cutting Head.

Asking Price: $ 21,500 Rig Only
Contact Name: James Wallace
Location City: Fuquay-Varina State:NC
Phone Number: (910) 443-2313




Geoprobe 6620 Track Unit

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 6620 Year: 2007 Hours: 6020
Additional Info:

Asking Price: $ 60,000
Contact Name: Chris Jensen/Pat Martin
Location City: Salina State: KS
Phone Number: (785) 823-6205





Geoprobe 54DT

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 54DT Year: 2004 Hours: 2269
Additional Info: Tooling and trailer also available

Asking Price: $ 40,000
Contact Name: Chris Jensen/Pat Martin
Location City: Salina State: KS
Phone Number: (785) 823-6205




Sonic Drill Rig - SonicDrillCorp 50K Head

Probe Make: VersaDrill / SonicDrillCorp
Model: Versa-Sonic 50K Year: 2002 Hours: 1500
Additional Info: Versa Drill Sonicor 50K Head Drill Rig
Sonicor 50K Sonic Head (Vibe hours on the head estimated at 1,500 hours)
PTO rebuilt and upgraded in 2015
Brand new hydraulic clamp system
Hydraulic line replacement program
Electronics and inspection plate panels have been simplified and upgraded for easier access for repairs and inspections

Located in N.W. Region

Sonic head recently serviced.

The rig and head are fully operational.  The rig just drilled a 300ft hole in till last month.

Truck Make: Interational
Model: 4900
Year: 2002 Mileage: 285,000
Additional Info:

Asking Price: $ 210,000
Contact Name: Cole Bertsch
Location City: Vancouver State: BC, CANADA
Phone Number: (778) 995-2583




Geoprobe 5410 Direct push unit

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 54010 Year: 2004 Hours:1953
Additional Info: Tool
Protected by shell with lockable doors.
No hydraulic oil leaks.
Unit run time is 1,953 hours (approximately 50% below average).
Used mostly as a spare unit.
Vacuum system with pump and tank.
Built-in water decon system with tank and pump.
Utility vise.
Expanded tool and supply racks.
Rod and sampler dolly

Truck Make: Ford
Model: F350-XLT
Year: 2004 Mileage: 97,667
Additional Info:2004 Ford F350-XLT heavy duty. 
4X4, 8 cylinder with 97,667 odometer miles. 
Body in very good condition.
No accidents.
Driven by only 3 operators.
Mechanically sound, no break downs, properly maintained.
Passes emission tests.
New tires

Asking Price: $ 38,950.00
Contact Name: Rodrigo Proust
Location City: Ventura State: CA
Phone Number: (805) 3406547



Track VTR 9500 Power Probe

Probe Make: AMS
Model: 9500 VTR Track Year: 2010 Hours: 1325
Additional Info: High Torque Auger Head-2 speed, Winch W-extendable mast. Receiver hitches all the way around for trailers ,rod-auger racks, water tank plus built in rod rack. sample holder for cutting samples. Sampler extruder, 100's ft Geo-Probe Probe rod, Dual Tube system with lightweight rods, screen samplers. All 5' tooling. 4 1/4 ID and 6 1/4 ID Augers. Tooled and ready to drill or probe. Over $20,000 in tooling and supplies all included. Owner Operated from brand new, as you can tell from excellent condition! Low Hours

Asking Price: $ 80,000 Best Offer
Contact Name: Bob Riggs
Location City: St. Cloud Area State: MN
Phone Number: (763) 331-5680



Casagrande Continous Flight Auger B175XP

Probe Make: Casagrande
Model: B175XP Year: 2015 Hours: 769
Additional Info: ENGINE: Modello Model - Power at 2200 RPM - 194kw
WEIGHT (in working condition): 41000kg
Jean Lutz Data Acquisition System -
provides live readouts while monitoring
installation, including drilling depth, rotary
torque and rotary RPM's
Augers (14-inch, 16-inch and 18-inch)
Short drive sleeve and a 6m (20ft) long Kelly
Automatic greasing system
Auto leveling system
Tool box and manuals
A manual (900mm) 36") centralizer which
allows for inserts to be bolted in it to reduce
A crowd system which provides an
additional 20,000 lbs of pull down force
And more misc. equipment

Asking Price: $ 675,000
Contact Name: Britney Sevor
Location City: Brooksville State: FL
Phone Number: (352) 7960229



AMS  9630 VTR-M

Probe Make: AMS
Model: 9630 VTR-M Year: 20+ Years Hours: 99999
Additional Info:Older Working AMS 9630 VTR-M, no tooling. Make an offer.

Asking Price: $ 8,900
Contact Name: Matt Darois
Location City: Stratham State: NH
Phone Number: (603) 988-3688




2013 Airknife

Probe Make: Airknife
Year: 2013 Hours: NA
Additional Info: The vacuum excavation system, or air knife is used for potholing, daylighting, or otherwise making a hole in the ground in the safest, most time efficient way possible. This unit pictured has been used effectively at gas stations and other similar sites where health and safety concerns often require its use.  The system consists of the equipment that is pictured, plus a trailer mounted air compressor (not part of this package), making it one of, if not the most, compact vacuum excavation systems available on the market today.  This system makes indoor work or work in compact places or properties, a breeze where traditional units would have great difficulty working. Another advantage of this unit is that the spoils are kept adjacent to the hole, at shovel height.  Will sell it as outfitted exactly how we use it every day (without the air compressor, which can be rented at equipment rental shops close to your jobsite) or without the support truck.  The support truck has been built out to efficiently stow all the airknife gear.  Airknife can also be pallet shipped as needed and would easily fit inside a cargo van. 

Truck Make: Ford
Model: F-250 Super Duty
Year: 2000 Mileage:
Additional Info: 7.3L Diesel, 4WD, Extended Cab with all Metal Topper/Lockable

Asking Price: $ 24,500
Contact Name: Bryan Kinzer
Location City: St. Charles State: IL
Phone Number: (513) 702-7298





Truck Mounted Geoprobe

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 540UD Year: 2003 Hours: 32162
Additional Info: Well take care of!  New valve bank &  hammer slides (2016) and new gear box chain drive and hydraulic hoses (2017), all records available. Includes 1.25" rod tooling, anchors, etc. and associated drilling pieces for conducting CPT.

Truck Make: GMC
Model: K3500 4X4 Dually
Year: 2003 Mileage: 63,080
Additional Info: Truck is great condition, all maintenance records available. Deck mounted tooling and accessories storage boxes including piezometer storage rack.

Asking Price: $ 31,900.00
Location City: Sherwood Park State: Alberta, CANADA



2003 Earthprobe 200

Probe Make: Earthprobe
Model: 200 Year: 2003 Hours: 362.5
Additional Info: Remote Controlled tracks added in 2006

Asking Price: $27,000
Contact Name: Mark
Location City: Blacksburg State: VA
Phone Number: (540) 951-4234




540MT Geoprobe

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 540MT Year: 2002 Hours: NA
Additional Info: Just had hammer done wiht O-ring kit and recharge four 50' hoses and hydraulic power unit. Rig works well. I just don't use it.

Asking Price: $22,000 or Best offer
Location City: Lakeland State: FL




2015 Compaction Grout Rotary Drill Rig

Probe Make: TMG Manufacturing
Model: CGR-138 Year: 2015 Hours: 200
Additional Info:

*Our CGR-138 is a mini drill rig designed for compaction grouting. It features a 38hp tier 4 compliant, turbo diesel engine with a 22 gpm hydraulic power unit.

*This soil compaction drilling rig comes with a 4 speed gearbox drill head with incorporated heavy duty wet swivel.

*The CGR-138 is designed to be extremely mobile for tight spaces and it has been known to drill 800+ feet of casing per working day.

Asking Price: $30,000
Contact Name: Heather
Location City: Tampa State: Florida
Phone Number: (813) 2536561



1995 Geoprobe 54

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 54 Year: 1995 Hours: 711
Additional Info: Unit is three castor mounted on trailer. Unit has an 18 HP gas engines. Great for tight spaces. Lot's of Tooling included: Starbit w/4' Hex Rod 2 Retainer (point) rods 4', 3 Macro core samplers 4", 2 Water Samplers 4", 1x1" Driver Cap, 1x1" Puller (non-slotted) 1" Rods: 7x4', 6x3', 3x2', 2x1', 10 Stainless Retainer Extractor Rods 1/4 X4', Drive Puller (foot) 1 1/2 rods, Anchor/Centering Plate 1x3.5" & 1x8" (custom), misc. parts.

Asking Price: $10,750
Contact Name: Sarah Whitaker
Location City: Maitland State: Florida
Phone Number: (407) 234-4675



Geoprobe 8MR1 (8M) in 1985 Ford E350 Van

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 8MR1 Year: 1985? Hours: Unknown
Additional Info: The Model tag on this unit says 9009R1, Serial number 8MR1. I believe these were stamped in wrong places. Model should be 8MR1 and serial # 9009R1. With a Rotary Member Model 144, serial # 94108. Unit is used and operational. Requires some repairs: GeoProbe extends, lifts and tilts into place. Both drill and hammer turn on and appear working. Remote ignition starter turns van and GeoProbe system on. Vacuum pump and fan work.

Please Contact Seller for list of suggested repairs

Truck Make: Ford
Model: Econoline Van E-250
Year: 1985 Mileage: 67655
Additional Info: Van runs and drives.

Please Contact Seller for list of recent servicing & suggested repairs

Asking Price: $ 15000
Contact Name: Craig Sargeant
Location City: Albuquerque State: New Mexico
Phone Number: (727) 599-3204



Ford F550 with Geoprobe 6600

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 6600 Year: 2000 Hours: 2814
Additional Info: This is a nice unit which has had only moderate use and is in great shape.

Truck Make: Ford
Model: F550 4x4
Year: 2000 Mileage: 154,896
Additional Info: 7.3L dually with steel flatbed and headache rack. Includes large steel toolbox, vice, bed and probe lights, trailer towing package. This is a nice heavy duty truck with everything working great.

Asking Price: $41,500
Contact Name: Pat Martin/Chris Jensen
Location City: Salina State: Kansas
Phone Number: (785) 823-6205

2010 Skid Steer Mounted Power Probe

Probe Make: AMS
Model: 9300SK Year: 2010 Hours: approx 1258
Additional Info: Purchased new, two speed auger with hammer, always garage kept, mounts to skid steer, works great.  Tooling available at additional cost.  50 of macro core and 50' of dual tube

Asking Price: $40,000
Contact Name: JL Rhudy, III
Location City: Tazewell State: VA
Phone Number: (276) 701-3093



2013 Geoprobe 7822DT

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 7822 Year: 2013 Hours: 215
Additional Info: 2013 Geoprobe 7822DT, GH64 Hammer, Tethered & Wireless Remote System, GA4000 two-speed Auger Head, Overhead Mast with Hydraulic Winch w/Rotating Top, Locking Side Rack, Machine Vise and Mount, Drop Rack System, Specialty Tools Package with 2.25" (50') DT/22/MC5 w Drill Steel.  2014 Custom Heavy-Duty Sure-Trac Enclosed Trailer (16K GVW) with 7' Steel Ramps, and 4-6K inside D-Rings. Probe is in Great Shape, always stored inside trailer.

Asking Price: $140,000
Location City: Brighton State: MI

2012 Diedrich

Probe Make: Diedrich
Model: D-25 Year: 2012 Hours: 350
Additional Info: Auger rig with rotary capabilities. Great for shallow soil and rock exploration.  Good for low overhead clearance or difficult access. 28 HP Kohler 2 cylinder air cooled gasoline engine with 12 volt electric start, dual in-line transmissions with 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, 15' mast, lightweight derrick that can easily be removed, 10 gallon gas tank, 10 gallon hydraulic oil tank, 3000 # Bloomberg winch with 3/8" cable, side port swivel, custom built trailer with 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, also has skids and casters. Includes 40' of 3 1/4" hollow stem augers with continuous sample system that includes bearing, drive cap and (1) 5' continuous sample barrel, 60' of 4 1/2" continuous flight augers, (2) 2" split spoons, 45' of AWJ rod, all in 5' lengths.  

Asking Price: $55,000.00
Contact Name: Tonya O'Bannon
Location City: Alvarado State: Texas
Phone Number:(817) 371-7780

2007 EXCAVAC Vacuum Excavator ( Air Knife )

Probe Make: EXCAVAC
Model:Vacuum Excavator Year: 2007 Hours: 614
Additional Info: EXCAVAC Vacuum Excavator, S/N-HT180C MkII ( HRs,) Equipped W/ Boss 185 CFM Air Compressor 8060-UBI & MD Tuthill 5511 Vacuum Pump, John Deere 4-CYL Diesel Eng Turbo 4045TF250, 1 Cubic Yard Fill End Opening Hydraulic Dump Hopper, MTD on 07 Chevrolet Kodiak Truck C4500, Diesel

Truck Make: Chevy
Model: C4500
Year:2007 Mileage: 33,319
Additional Info: See Above Description

Asking Price: $48,500
Contact Name: Suadad Nyaeme
Location City: Chicago Suburb State: IL
Phone Number: 630-788-1108



Rig Make: ACKER
Model: ADII Year: 1992 Hours: 2,700
Additional Info: ACKER ADII Auger drill unit, P/B DEUTZ 5-CYL Air-Cooled Diesel ENG w/4-SPD TRANs, FMC TRIPLEX PUMP, 23’H HYD Raised Mast, Duel 2-Stage Raising Rams, Driller’s Console, Cathead, MTD on 1992 INT’L 4900 S/A Truck, P/B INT’L DT-466 210 HP Diesel ENG W/5-SPD TRANS, 2-SPD Rear Axle, 188” WB, (3) Hyd Leveling Jacks, 11.00Rx22.5 Front & Rear Tires, Budd Wheels.

Truck Make: International
Model: Unlisted
Year:1992 Mileage: 63,855
Additional Info: See Above Description

Asking Price: $38,500
Contact Name: Suadad Nyaeme
Location City: Chicago Suburb State: IL
Phone Number: 630-788-1108


2005 Geoprobe 6620DT

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 6620DT Year: 2005 Hours: 2522
Additional Info: 2005 Geoprobe 6620DT, GH62 Hammer, GA3000 Auger Head, Overhead Mast with Hydraulic Winch, MTD on Rubber Tracked Crawler Tractor. 

Asking Price: $64,000
Contact Name: Suadad Nyaeme
Location City: Batavia State: IL
Phone Number: 630-788-1108

2008 Geoprobe 6620DT

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 6620DT Year: 2008 Hours: 483
Additional Info:2008 Geoprobe 6620DT, GH62 Hammer, GA3000 Auger Head, Overhead Mast with Hydraulic Winch, MTD on Rubber Tracked Crawler Tractor, with Geoprobe DH100 Drop Hammer

Asking Price: $75,000
Contact Name: Suadad Nyaeme
Location City: Batavia State: IL
Phone Number: 630-788-1108

2003 Geoprobe PC 111

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: PC 111 Year: 2003 Hours: 1183
Additional Info:2 Speed Auger Head and Overhead Mast and Winch, 30 Gallon Heated Water Tank, Tool Boxes and Work Tables, New Slides, Over Head Doors and Work Lights

Truck Make: Ford
Model: F550
Year: 2003 Mileage: 161,124
Additional Info:4 Wheel Drive. Great Shape. New Shocks, Good Tires
Ready to go to Work.

Asking Price: $59,000
Contact Name: Mike Adams
Location City: Flanders State: NJ
Phone Number: (973) 879-6379

1997 Geoprobe 5400

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 5400 Year: 1997Hours: 3,600
Additional Info: Geoprobe with tooling and other necessary equipment to advance soil borings and install small diameter monitoring wells. Perfect for the starting independent environmental consultant who wants to be competitive and win Phase II ESAs and other assessment work.

Truck Make: Ford
Model: F250
Year:1994 Mileage: 279,000
Additional Info: Very strong truck recently overhauled. It has no A/C, good brakes and fairly new tires.

Asking Price: $20,000
Contact Name: Sid Duque
Location City: Davie State: FL
Phone Number: (305) 907-4621

2002 Geoprobe 66DT

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 66DT Year: 2002 Hours: 111
Additional Info: brand new auto hammer, treads and tooling, never used. paid 20k for upgrade.

Asking Price: $63,000
Contact Name: Mike
Location City: Toms River State: NJ
Phone Number: (732) 921 5828

2004 Geoprobe 54DT

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 54DT Year: 2004 Hours: 1889
Additional Info: Geoprobe, Truck & Trailer professionally maintained in extremely good condition and ready to go straight to jobsite. Maintenace records available.

Truck Make: Chevrolet
Model: Silverado K2500 H.D. - LT Package
Year: 2009 Mileage: 121,104
Additional Info: Turn Key Setup Includes Geoprobe 54DT, Silverado 2500 HD Truck and 28' Gooseneck, Enclosed Trailer, outfitted with 40 ft. of Geoprobe DT-22 Rod and all ancillary tooling to immediately go to work. Professionally maintained with records available and in extremely good condition. Many more pictures available. 1 of 2 setups available - selling (1) to get another Geoprobe. Will sell it as outfitted exactly how we use it everyday. Second setup would not include truck, would be a different trailer, same rig but 2672 hours and $ 50,000. More pictures available.

Asking Price: $95,000
Contact Name: Bryan Kinzer
Location City: Lawrenceburg State: IN
Phone Number: (513) 702-7298

AMS 9360 VTR-Pro

Probe Make: AMS
Model: 9630 VTR-Pro Year: 2000
Hours: 8991
Additional Info: John Deere 4-Cylinder Diesel 100HP; 175 ft-lb Hydraulic Hammer; 48000 lbs Retraction Force; 5000 lbs Auger Head Torque

Asking Price: $O.B.O
Contact Name: Ray
Location City: Calgary State: Alberta
Phone Number: (403) 742-6601

2003 F350 6.0 Powerstroke Geoprobe 5400

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model: 5400 Year: 2003 Hours: 2800
Additional Info: 2003 Ford F150 Powerstroke Turbo'd 6.0 with only 125k miles on the truck. California clean title and smogged. Geoprobe model 5400 works perfect with 2800 hours on the dial. Cosmetically not the best, but very presentable. Front seat on driver side has a tear. 2 brand new batteries. Brand new shocks. Maintenance is well kept. Everything is set up and working perfectly. Selling because bought from an auction assuming it was just a truck, then when receiving, discovered it had the Geoprobe. Instead of disassembling the unit and ruining someone’s livelihood, I decided to keep together.

Truck Make: Ford
Model: F150
Year: 2003 Mileage: 125600

Asking Price: $14,000
Contact Name: Ray
Location City: Mountain View State: CA
Phone Number: (408) 4809139

2008 Geoprobe 7730DT

Probe Make: Geoprobe
Model:7730DT Year: 2008 Hours: 2870
Additional Info: GH 62 hammer, GA4000 2-speed auger head attachment w/4000 ft-lb high speed torque, hydraulic liner extruder, 50 gal water tank with on board 2000 psi pressure washer, includes DH100 automatic drop hammer, hydraulic winch, and wireless drive system.  Machine is in excellent working condition.  We just painted and re-stickered the rig.

Asking Price: $75,000
Contact Name: Chad Russell
Location City: Salt Lake City State: UT
Phone Number: (801) 372-3587